Sunday, January 15, 2012

Version 0.7.6 and a Donate Version

It's been a while since my last post on this blog.
Considering I work on this project on my spare time, I'd rather spend time improving the app than writing here.

A few hours ago I have published the 0.7.6 version of the app. Here's the change log:

New features:

  • Chart Display (Donate Version only)
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation


  • Several minor improvements in graphics rendering
  • Update rate calculation is faster and more accurate
  • Displays are rendered with last know value when screen is rotated

This is an important release for me, as it finally includes some Chart displays. They are very simple for now, but that's my goal: simple and clean design.

It's missing a visual time grid, but honestly I kind of like it like this. In this version the last 20 seconds of data are shown on screen. In the future this will be configurable per display.

Some technical info: the chart is updated as data is received, and the X axis (time) is effectively based on the time the data was received. That means that if there is some time variation between responses, the chart will be plotted correctly.

Here's a current screenshot of all available Displays:

Donate Version:

Some of you will be mad at me because the chart is only available on the Donate Version of the app. I'm sorry, but I'm trying to get some financial retribution for my work.

You might not think so, but I've already spent a few hundred hours (of my free time) on this project. It takes a lot of time to study, implement, test and most importantly to make sure everything is as optimized and correct as possible.

If you like me work please consider buying the Donate Version.

As of today the only difference is that the Donate Version is ad-free and includes the Chart Displays.

I'll do my best to add extra features on the Donate Version.

Thanks everyone and fell free to comment below!